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Finding Places to Love at the LA Travel and Adventure Show

What’s your favorite type of getaway?  Relaxing on a secluded tropical island?  Exploring a historic European city?  Seeing the sun dip into the ocean from your private cruise ship balcony? 

Discover new places to love at the LA Travel and Adventure show.  This past weekend, we delved into the Travel and Adventure show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

I felt such a sense of community this year, with the Winter Olympics going on in Pyeongchang, South Korea.  We talked to people from far- off lands, including Japan, Africa, and the Cook Islands.  We even met the mascots from the Olympic Games. 

Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Mascots

For the same reason that I love Epcot’s World Showcase at Disney World, I truly enjoyed the Travel and Adventure Show.   Like the Olympics, they gather cultures together to show off their best.  

It’s more than just another convention. It’s a chance to experience things you may have wondered about, but haven’t had a chance to try.  

Reporter Erin Myers from KTLA tries out the Go Dive scuba tank

Ever want to learn to scuba dive? Or see what it’s like to ride a camel? (These wonderful rescued camels came all the way from non-profit JoDon Farms in Wisconsin)! 

Rescued camels treat guests to rides at the LA Travel and Adventure show

We saw more tech at this show than in the past.  Both Mammoth Mountain and the Visit Korea booths had virtual reality experiences.

Virtual Reality experience at Mammoth booth

Are you a foodie?  Belly up to the tasting table, sampling dishes from accomplished chefs at the Taste of Travel stage. 

All this, plus expert travel advice from speakers on several stages.  Samantha Brown introduced us to her new PBS show, “Places to Love.”  We treasure her perspective.  Sam shows us real people in real places that we can explore like a local.

Samantha Brown shows us Places to Love

We always enjoy seeing Rick Steves, teaching European travel skills.  He gave two lectures, now including cruising tips in his arsenal. 

Rick Steves sharing travel skills

We even had an opportunity to meet Phil Keoghan (host of the Amazing Race).  He encourages people to ‘Tick it. Before you Kick it.”

Phil Keoghan signing envelopes from the Amazing Race

Some people are really excited about the giveaways and show-special travel discounts.  One thing is certain.  You can find something for everyone in your family.  

Greetings from the Japan booth

The Travel and Adventure Show gives everyone an chance to see, taste, hear, and meet the world.  All from the convenience of home.  If you missed the show in Los Angeles, here is their website with the calendar of shows around the country.  

Cook Islands musicians,  Love their smiles!

Hope to see you here next year!


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