Where We’ve Been

We love exploring the world! This interactive map highlights just some of the places that we’ve been able to visit. Where are your favorite spots?

Areas we have visited include (in no particular order):

Antarctica, Iceland, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Azores, Malta, Italy, Sicily, Sardinia, France, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Monaco, Switzerland, Slovakia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Austria, Estonia, Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel / Holy Land,  Falkland Islands, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Curacao, Mexico, Castaway Cay, Panama Canal, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Canada, Ecuador, Peru, Cayman Islands, Alaska, Florida, New York, Washington DC, Hawaii. Aloha!

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