Discover Exclusive Merchandise from Tokyo Disney’s 35th Anniversary

What are some of your favorite Disney memories? Taking home precious mementos can play a large role in creating your magical experience.  They can bring back those cherished memories created with your friends and family.

Here, we take a look at some of the special merchandise treasures that enhance your Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) experience. 

Storefronts tell their tales

At Tokyo Disneyland, the 35th “Happiest Celebration” is well underway.  Flanking the colossal Mickey anniversary tree in the Grand Bazaar, store windows burst with crave-worthy souvenirs. 

The 35th Anniversary merchandise comes in two main themes.  The first is bold and radiant.  Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy dance with joy in their parade best. 

These windows announce the “Happiest Celebration” and showcase glow wands, sunglasses, photo frames and more.

The second theme is much more subdued.  In sepia tones, it reflects “It all started in 1983…” with Mickey – then, and now.

Taking a decidedly more retro look, passport-like stamps represent each of the lands in Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea.  The left window displays available T-shirts, pens, cups and mugs.

The right window showcases a tote, mini-backpack, pillow, and more. 

Lottery Exclusives

A golden Mickey coin was advertised in the Park maps.  When I asked a cast member where I could find one, she told me it was a ‘lottery.’  OK, I thought. 

Later, I found this beautiful window display in the Grand Bazaar, with several select pieces.  Scanning the QR code, this is what I discovered with the help of Google Translate.

You can enter a Lottery for the opportunity to purchase a limited edition item.  The Lottery was open for less than one month.  If selected, you must return in person to the Tokyo Disney Parks to purchase your item. Your Park entry ticket is not included.  No mail orders are allowed.

It amazes me the level of dedication that the Japanese Disney fans have. 

This store window had actual lottery items on display.  The prize piece is a pure gold coin weighing 222 grams. With a limited edition of only five in the world, the price tag is a hefty 3.5 million Japanese Yen (JPY) – about $32,000 USD.  

The sterling silver Mickey and Minnie coin set (LE of 350) is listed for 60,000 JPY (about $550 USD).  Or take home the adorable 35th Anniversary Mickey figure (LE of 350) for 50,000 JPY ($460).  If you are lucky enough to win the Lottery for the platinum 0.35 carat diamond Mickey necklace (LE of 35) it will only set you back 350,000 JPY (about $3,200 USD).

35th Anniversary Merchandise

For collectible merch that won’t break the bank, here are some other alternatives.  This is the “Time of Celebration” piece.  It is a Mickey-shaped metal keepsake that you personalize with up to 8 letters, charms, pins, and character insets. 

Use it as a purse accessory, Christmas ornament, or frame it up.  I chose a Grand Opening silver pin for Mickey’s left ear, a Minnie charm, and the stained-glass Mickey on the back.

The pendant base starts at 2800 JPY ($26 USD), with each accessory piece at additional cost.  You can really get carried away customizing yours with additional pins, chains, and charms.

Another anniversary exclusive is this “Happiest Memory Maker.”  When you take it around the Parks, it interacts with the 35th “Happiest Mickey” statues and select store windows. (Insert link to TDL or TDS article)

Colorful Disney collectibles

Some of the merchandise sold at Tokyo Disney Resort may be different from what you’d expect.  Food gifts are popular. And they are always beautifully packaged, with a sample in a case showing what’s inside. 

It speaks to the Japanese culture of ‘fake food’ models; you can easily visualize what you’re getting.  This also really helps visitors who can’t read Japanese and wonder – what’s this?

Japanese guests sit on these colorful plastic tarps (top row) when waiting for a parade.

Towels are common gift items at Tokyo Disney Resort, especially washcloth-sized towels.  After a week in Tokyo, I saw paper towels only twice.  People carry their own washcloths or use air dryers instead.

Of course, there are the 35th Anniversary plush.  Mickey, Minnie, and friends come in large, medium, and even keychain sizes.  Plush are relatively pricey at Tokyo Disney.

Big Disney hats are a thing there too.  Dress up like Mickey.  Or get matching Minnie ears.  Friends often wear identical outfits in the Parks.

Of course, there are cups, coasters, and even chopsticks.

These 35th “Happiest Celebration” balloons brightened up the Grand Bazaar.

The t-shirt selection has expanded notably.  In addition to the characteristically bright shirts, we’re seeing more toned-down styles as well.

This merchandise showcases the ‘Dreaming Up!’ parade.  TDR postcards are all individually wrapped, and typically cost $2-4 USD each.  Themed stationery folders are usually priced affordably around $3-5 USD each.

For model car enthusiasts, here are 35th Anniversary editions of transportation vehicles.

Can’t get enough?  I found this link to more merchandise from TDR’s 35th Anniversary.

Disney Japanese Exclusives

So these aren’t part of the 35th, but I found these unique cultural items I really wanted to share. They were likely made to celebrate “Boy’s Day” – May 5th – in Japan.  Samurai Mickey is amazing.  He’s a resin figure, and dressed in traditional samurai armor.  We saw a “Boy’s Day” display elsewhere in Japan that also incorporated samurai costumes.

Mickey and friends are dressed in traditional Japanese clothing, with fish kites and a Tokyo Disney backdrop.  It is traditional to fly fish kites for “Boy’s Day” – now observed also as “Children’s Day.”

It is also customary to depict a samurai doll riding a fish, or carp.  In this figure, we have Mickey and Donald riding a colorful carp.

How adorable are these Mickey and Minnie kimono plush?

“Fake Food” delights

Remember how important ‘fake food’ is to Japanese culture? Take home your favorite Tokyo Disney foods … from gyozas and orange Mickey bars to Green Alien mochi ice creams, Mickey waffles, and teriyaki chicken legs.  These are also available in miniature keychain sizes. 

While we covered quite a bit, this is only scratching the surface.  There are entire magazines like “Disney Fan” devoted to everything Tokyo Disney in dizzying detail.  Every new outfit for each Disney character in all the parades.  And the merchandise to match. 

In addition, Disney Stores and each Resort hotel also have different, exclusive collectibles.  Hope you enjoyed exploring the newest Tokyo Disney merchandise with me!  May this inspire you to visit Tokyo Disney Resort and see this all for yourself!

A visit to Tokyo Disney Resort would not be complete without exploring the 35thHappiest Celebration” at Tokyo Disneyland and “Fashionable Easter” at Tokyo DisneySea. Don’t forget the seasonal delectable food specialties.  Ready for a glimpse?  Follow along as we take a closer look at the Tokyo Disney experience.

This article was originally posted on Laughingplace.com. Please see my author page here.


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