Fantastic Halloween Food from the Tokyo Disney Resort

An important part of any Disney Park experience is trying all the different seasonal foods.  The Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) makes this particularly challenging because there are so many options available every season.  You are spoilt for choice. 

Almost everything is seasonal and limited

When we visited TDR in April, we really enjoyed the special 35th Anniversary and Easter menus.  Upon returning in October this year, we were looking forward to having some of the same items.  After all, it’s still the 35th Anniversary, right? 

Apparently, even the year-long 35th Anniversary special food items are limited to shorter seasons.  The delicious blue sparkly drink we tried has been replaced with a green sparkly drink.  And the 35th Mickey pastry bun was no longer available. 

Would you like a collectible souvenir with your meal?

One thing Tokyo Disney Resort has mastered: seasonal foods that come with collectible cups, saucers, and fashionable lunch totes.  The “Today” guide for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea (available only in Japanese, with maps at the turnstiles) showcases the newest seasonal food and merch offerings.  This should be your first reference when you arrive at the TDR.

The “Today” guides are organized in color-coded blocks according to themes.  They highlight special menu items, souvenirs with food, and seasonal merchandise.  The colored numbers next to the photos indicate where you can find each item.  (Decode this with an English Park map).

Halloween themes differed between the TDR Parks

Tokyo Disneyland’s theme for Halloween 2018 is “Welcome to a Spooky Land.” 

This imagery correlates with the new Spooky “Boo!” parade

Tokyo DisneySea’s theme this year was “Villains Rise Again!”

They featured characters from “The Villains World” and Fantasmic.

Both Parks also had a parallel-running theme: “Halloween Sweets.” These featuring kawaii (cute) Mickey and Minnie ghost figures and treats for food and merch.

Sampling the seasonal foods – aka eating our way through the Parks

We are always fascinated with what the TDR chefs have concocted for seasonal foods.  They are very different combinations than what we are accustomed to in the U.S., but most are absolutely delicious. 

Here is a pictorial as we ate our way through the Tokyo Disney Parks.

Tokyo Disneyland special menu items

These custard cakes were light and fluffy.  They came with a plastic case featuring Mickey and Minnie “Halloween Sweets” ghosts. 

We really enjoyed this special set from the Sweetheart Café that came with a Jack Skellington sandwich, grape jelly dessert, and this ruffled lunch tote with frame-images of “Spooky Land.”  We’ve seen people use these as purses around the Parks. 

Plazma Ray’s in Tomorrowland had a special set that came with this melamine “Spooky Land” platter.  If you have special dietary allergies or restrictions, cast members are now trained to ask and try to accommodate.  This is a veggie curry substitution for the special set meal.  At Plazma Ray’s, you have an option to get a salad-in-a-cup instead of fries with your set meal.

We loved this little “Spooky Land” dessert cup.  The pink drink was also delicious!

There are seasonal flavor churros, as well as this: a “Tipo Torta.”  This Halloween one was sweet potato flavored, and only sold from one cart in Fantasyland (with a really long line).

Tokyo DisneySea specialties

At Tokyo DisneySea, the New York Deli consistently has seasonal specialties.  This was a sandwich special set.  Our iced coffee was used to prop up the Villain’s World pouch that we got with the meal.  This is an average amount of fries you’ll get with your meals.

The Villains dessert cup was extra.  Even the little decoration on top forms a hidden Mickey!

Another special item was this “Villains Rise Again!” plate.  We enjoyed the dessert with views of Mount Prometheus.

Window shopping is a treat

The Halloween Sweets window in the Grand Bazaar featured some eye candy.

They even had these cute Mickey and Baymax rolls.

Take home an edible piece of the magic

Edible gifts are popular with guests.  These “Spooky Land” and “Villains World” bags are filled with cookies.  We found these at the Disney Ambassador hotel gift shop (since Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea merchandise usually would not be sold together).

Food is often displayed in a case so you know what’s inside the tin.

Halloween on the Monorail

While the monorail is not related to food, we wanted to include it in our trip report.  It is always a pleasure to ride monorails on the Tokyo Disney Resort line, even though they are a separately-ticketed mode of transportation.  Each station is themed in to the season with special décor.

We were able to catch the Halloween-themed monorail.  The Mickey-shaped windows were tinted with spooky tree branches.  You can see the Tokyo Disneyland hotel through the window here.

Decorations along the top showed images of Tokyo Disneyland, and Tokyo DisneySea.

For Halloween 2016, the Mickey-shaped hand holds were decorated with witch’s hats.

Ultimate Tokyo Disney Foodie guide

Can’t get enough of Tokyo Disney?  “Disney Fan” magazine is packed with photos, prices, and everything you could want to know about Tokyo Disney Parks, seasonal food, shows, and merchandise.  It is available in Disney Stores, or the bookstore on the ground level of Ikspiari (their Downtown Disney).  Even though it’s only in Japanese, there are so many pictures, it’s great to look through.

Want to read more about Halloween at the Tokyo Disney Resort?  See our articles featuring special Halloween merchandise, and the celebrations at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

This article was originally posted on Laughingplace.com. Please see my author page here.


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